Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Let's try that again..

As you can see below, I successfully went on a blogging hiatus for a considerable amount of time...

I've decided that I want to kick-start this blog into life again, London is a city that you date and not marry, which means whilst i'm here i'm going to take every opportunity to see as many weird and wonderful sights the city has to offer. Whilst I'm doing so I'm going to start writing little pieces to publish here, whether that be a gig, an exhibit, a film festival or simply a thought piece.

I'm hugely passionate about music too which means I'm still going to add a track to each post, sometimes related to the post itself and sometimes completely at random.

This post features a 4-piece from Canterbury called Moose Blood, influences from bands such as Brand New and Death Cab For Cutie make these lads a firm favourite already in the short amount of time I've been listening to them. The lead singers honesty and passion is evident straight away and I'd recommend checking out their debut album, available now through Spotify. The title track is below.

I hope you enjoy.


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